Withdrawn from the world
Fernanda is an outsider
Filled with intolerance for the real world
Her demented mind loves to wander
Dear darling Fernanda
Queen of bipolar
Ever vulnerable and fragile

She stares out the window
Disturbed and horrified
Numb shaken and mortified
Wondering why
The real world could be so mean
She’s been cheated and used
Countless are the times she’s been abused.

In the world’s vastness
Her tormenters are like spiders
They crawl around, them preying predators
If only they could understand
If they could feel the tremor of terror of her soul
As horror dissolves her defense wall
How her body is wracked by sobs every night
They continue mocking her despite
The pain and desperation in her eyes
But now,
She’s angry

Deep in the pits of her dementia
In mercy and forgiveness’ absentia
She curses them all.
They are worse than the sting of a scorpion
She counts every lie, every stolen item
She spits misfortune upon her oppressors
Fernanda is calm like a cat
Don’t they know it is calm before a storm?
Deep in her soul is a tornado of anger
A cyclone of desire for vengeance
How dare they take advantage of her illnesss
She stares up the twilight sky
She implores the lord to smite and strike
As she waits to see her oppressors fall
She falls back heavily and cries.
Darling Fernanda
Queen of bipolar
Ever vulnerable and fragile.