She’s always here
God knows my sister’s been here
Many ask where
She’s deep within my psyche

Her red mane, so glorious
Her curvaceous figure, so gorgeous
Her whispers of encouragement, so precious
My, how awesome Sonia is
My incredible imaginary sister

When I endured mockery from my peers
She dried my tears
When I was depressed she stood by me
Unlike my fair weather friends
Sonia would never let me be
She freed me from the chains of fear
Many thought I was stupid and weird
She thought I was admirable
Thanks to her I was infallible
She still feels I can achieve my dreams
To her, with her, nothing is impossible

I cry
Lines of tears on my visage
Like a mirage
All slightly and sparkly,
Sonia is not real
I stare up at the sky
I wish she was not embedded on my mind
I wish I could hug her
For withstanding my failings and shortcomings
How I long to whisper thank you to her
For being a great friend
While I feel lonely
Her whispers of comfort are a salve to my soul
Slowly though
I cease to sob and sniffle
Why cry? She loves me!
I love her too…
…that’s all that matters.