Hi awesome people!!

This is just a little something to keep you busy as I wait to get inspired to write another poem (hawhawhaw). Hope that doesn’t take forever though!!!

I looked at this simple single core Smartphone of mine and winced.

“What’s wrong with you!!!” my chief ghost hissed at me.

Good question, you bet.

It made me remember that dark day when I went trundling in the vastness of Thika while communing with my nasty ghosts.

It was an ironically bright Saturday when boredom in campus made me decide to take a trip home where I belonged. That is, that awful Rabbit hole where I live. Anyhow, I learnt to love it…after all, my mum and dad  live there!!!

I packed my inexpensive Chinese Backpack with a few essentials,( few;-)  ) , including my amazing Samsung J1 Smartphone deep into the inner pockets of the bag, held up my kinky-as-steel wool hair up in a bun and staggered out of my hostel with the weight of my large bag threatening to send my swaying. Soon I was aboard this cranky old matatu that was headed for Thika, where I’d board the final mat to Nyeri.

The music was so loud I couldn’t hear myself think. However, I couldn’t help singing along to the Reggae tunes that my dad and I loved so much.

Ting! Went my phone.

Aaaargh, a text! I’d bet a million Dollars that was my darling mum wishing me a safe journey. I quickly typed “thanks” and forgot to return the phone into the depths of my other stuff. I just placed it the side pocket. (I still cannot believe I did that 😦 )

I enjoyed the trip so much that I didn’t realize it when we landed in Thika. I slipped out of the mat with the agility of a cobra, swung my bag round my feeble shoulders and proceeded to strut to the Supermarket for a cold drink for the road.

Then out of nowhere, they rose from the dead.

“Wow, how amazing can life get!!?” Ethanie shouted.

“Exactly, who else is in Thika right now apart from us?” Sonia replied, with a chuckle. “Hazelberrg, why go to that dingy shop whereas there’s Tuskys, huh?”

“No way… I don’t even know my way there!” I replied as I crossed the road.

“Come on, don’t be a sissy…” Sonia hissed. “Walk around town, Explore before we retreat to the rabbit hole! When you arrive at 1400hrs, what will you do for the rest of the time?” She yelled.

“Sonia, please, shut up, I’m in the middle of town…” that is when I jump back awkwardly to avoid getting hit by a motorcycle.

“See, that’s how you’ll get us killed someday!” Ethanie chided in a caustic voice. Then it hits me that I am miles into the wrong way to the supermarket I frequent. Aaaaargh, I screech to myself and make a U-turn.

As I walk, I remember what the doctor told me.

There’s too much dopamine in that brain of yours, my dear…that explains the voices in your head.”

A wave of sadness swept over me. What is going to happen to me? I was well aware of the effects of the drugs I was supposed to take. I’d gain so much weight, not to mention lethargy and just the general loss of my vibrant self.

I walk into the supermarket and find the drinks aisle.

Where the hell is all the Coke Zero!” Ethanie yelled.

“Relax, we’ll get it… It’s in the fridge!” I replied, tears in my eyes. “Here we are!” I say loudly as I curl my fingers round a bottle.

Don’t you dare forget the straw, stupid girl!”

Whatever you say!

I paid for my drink and headed out. My eyes stung as they struggled to adjust to the sudden sunlight. Ouch! I even forgot my sunglasses! Over the past months, I had developed a searing hatred for the sun and anything bright.

Christ, Hazelberrg, Are you getting old sight? At your age? How peculiar!”

I trudged forward to the stage, completely out of touch with reality. I never even realized that there was someone following me from the matatu I had just alighted from. I took small dainty steps, almost as if walking was painful.

Scar, where are you!

“You look lovely today, baby girl” Scar cooed softly.

“Thank you so much, where have you been?” I asked, greatly relieved. Scar, the black-winged with long maroon hair, is the kindest of all my ghosts. So serene, always reserving a nice complement for me.

As I approached the stage, I reached a dark alley, wherein my assailant followed me closely.

“Baby, remember to visit the loo before boarding the matatu home, the last thing we want is a bumpy ride!” Scar advised.

“Well spoken dear,” I replied as we neared the end of the alley.

“I wonder where the public loos here are,” I quipped loudly.

That was when drama started to unfold.

I can clearly remember feeling someone tug at my bag, but I was so much of a goner, I never paid any attention to it.I emerged out once more into the now sweltering sunlight into a group of ladies selling apples.

“Hey you…hey! Student! Hello!!” A woman seemed to shout and wave frantically at me.


“Umeibiwa wewe!” She added!

“No, that cannot be! Impossible!!” I said, bewilderment slowly taking over my previously calm out-of-this-world countenance. A small crowd had begun to pool around me.

“Check your bag…I swear I saw him pull something out!”

“Haze, your phone!” Scar said, alarmed.

“No! Noooooo!” I screamed as I slung off my bag and saw the empty side pocket.

“My Phone!”

It was gone, along with my pink Hi-Fi earphones that I loved so much.

Anger crawled along my visage as the tears flowed. I did not even bother to wipe them.

“Why on earth didn’t you stop him? All you…you men over here! You should have stopped him! Unbelievable! What will I tell my dad! He’ll have me for supper, I swear!”

“We tried to warn you, we saw him steal…but you could not hear us!” one of the women selling apples said, in evident exasperation. “We called you, but you did not hear! Kwani you walk absent-mindedly!” she shouted back.

“Don’t you dare blame us! This woman tried to alert you!”

“Hahahahahahahahahaha!”Sonia laughed.”I knew this would happen!”

I chose to ignore them.

“Do you know him? Do you know where he lives? Let’s go and get my phone back, It has all my notes and assignments in soft copy! C’mon, you men, we can do this!” I yelled in equal exasperation.

“Don’t even think about it. He’s gone. You will not see him again,” the woman said, throwing her hands in the air.

“If you will not take me there, then I’ll go and get it by myself!” I resolved. “Can someone at least tell me where he lives?”

“My dear,” one of the men started sardonically, “go home with that pretty face intact! At least, that will make your dad a little bit happier, don’t you think?”

“Go to Safaricom Shop! They might track your phone!” another of the apple-selling ladies suggested.

That made sense, to me, that is, as my GPS tracker was always on.

“Where is it?” I inquired.

“You’ll go this way…” she directed me along the streets and landmarks.

“Thanks, I’ll try to hurry.”

So, amidst cheers, I half-run-half-walked to the shop, only to find the longest queue in the universe. The 25 minutes I spent waiting for my turn were actually the longest in my entire life. I remember finding the droning of the television so annoying I gritted my teeth.

2 more people…1 more person…

“Hi! I lost my phone… rather, it was stolen,” I rattled off my situation clumsily to a cold-faced lady who looked like she had had hot coal lumps and black sugarless coffee for breakfast.

Was that a hint of sympathy I saw in her eyes?

“Please help me get it back…I swear I’ll pay anything!!”

“No, I’m sorry we cannot do that.”

“You can’t?”

“No, but we can renew your Safaricom line for only fifty shillings.”

I have not known such disappointment in a long time; that was apart from when I scored admission to a different high school from my chosen one.

“OK!” I whispered and fished out a fifty-shilling note from my huge bag.

“Any numbers we can add to the SIM card?” she asked gently, now genuinely concerned.

I rattled off my mum’s, dad’s and best friend’s number. Boyfriend’s?

“Don’t you dare, Hazel,” Scar whispered, “trust me he will not give a whit if your phone was stolen or not.”

My mind wondered to his ever busy self, never even checking on me to ask if I was alive or a freaking deado.

I laughed out loud.

“Are you alright?” the lady asked.

“Mmmhhmmm!” I replied. “I’m just sad.”

“Don’t worry. These things happen. I think you should go the CID. There, they’ll help you get it back.”

“Really!” I said, feeling a glimmer of hope. “I am so headed there! Where on earth is that?”

She gave me some concise directions as she handed me my new SIM card.

“All the best!” she said.

“Thanks a lot!” I replied with a smile that did not light up my face.

My story at the CID is one for another day, awesome people! It made everything WORSE than even the theft of my phone.

I still curse myself a gazillion times for wearing pants without a pocket wherein my amazing phone would have been safe… and still with me. Also, for paying too much attention to my nasty ghosts, Ethanie and Sonia, who I gave names to differentiate.

My Thika Chronicles II coming so soon 🙂