Nowadays at night
I love to stare into the twilight
Observe the stars,tiny but bright
Some red, others yellow or blue
Others are planets like Venus
I remember us
A renewed sting behind my eyes
I also recall all your lies.

The chance of us getting back together
Is against the odds
I ever crawl to your side
However,you jumped aside,
Sneer on face,attitude a spite
My dignity has become my doormat
Into my own face I have spat
My goddesses urgent call
The writing on the wall
He doesn’t love you, or anyone or anything.

Just like acid on skin
You are corrosive and mean
Like Venus and her sisters
Round and round the sun they spin
How you spin and spin around yourself!!
You are selfish, incredible
But on my sacred heart, indelible
How terribly unfathomable
That I still long for your love and affection
Yet all I get is a sneer and deflection
I want something tight
You want something slight
Why then won’t we fight?
That’s what sets us light years apart
Like Mercury and Pluto
You can never be mine
I cry, but deep within, I smile.
The scar is benign…
It has absolutely no negative effects:-)