Tell me the story of Irene Stefani
A rare gem among many
A story of this queen of love
This amazing lady whose eyes screamed humility
Compassion that stemmed from deep within

At the tender age of thirteen
She receives a call so divine
Ten years down the line
She, an enchantress of timeless beauty
Vows to offer her life to our Deity
To forever cherish a life of poverty
Filled with resilience and persistence
She left family and friends
Set forth at twenty four for an unknown land
Determined to share the love of Jesus
With all of us

So warm was her smile
It struck compassion to the warmest of hearts
Her love, so pure and pellucid
Like the waters that flow atop the great Everest
Her soft touch of mercy
Calming like a lamp’s light
Helped her patients put up a greater fight
She walked miles and miles
Bringing happiness and healing
Causing ripple of joy everywhere she went

She is the kind of Angel
Our Lord Jesus described
An excellent example of riches to rags
Despite the danger
Her hugs got tighter
Ever dedicated to help the sick
Her attitude ever positive and merry
From Mombasa, even closer home, Nyeri
Scorched by the sweltering tropical sun
She trudged on ever merciful and meek
Until at forty one
Her shining star set
She fell to the terrible plague
Received into the light of God’s face
All for Jesus, nothing for me, she declared
And thus the amazing story.

Oh, generation of today
Wherein is this magnitude of love?
This kind of mercy for each other would we have?
Don’t we know?
Why won’t we fully fathom
How blessed is she who gives her life for her friends
Can we look yon our differences
May we offer each other sincere tolerance!
Love is like a candle flame
See how it lit up Nyaatha’s life
How warm her touch was!
As we declare her blessed now
May within us sprout
A rare kind of love
A love without borders.