She stands tall
She ain’t shy
But in front of you that changes
She ain’t so sure of herself any more
It is not her fault

However you saw it and sought it
You freaking knew what you wanted
Pretending to love her, you pounced
Made her spit out her secret out to the sun
For all and sundry to know
For the clouds to mock her
For the thunder to howl in laughter at her
How your false allure affects her
She begs you to start seeing her
Her love so sincere
To her, she is the perfect girlfriend
To you, she is just but a passing cloud
Paw her you would
However, love her? Never!
You buzzard!

Hello awesome people!
Allow me to share one observation I made some time back. I sat in my campus library once, trying to master some concepts we had covered during my organic chemistry class. Suddenly my intense study is interrupted by a bunch of lost people holding a discussion in annoyingly loud and throaty whispers. I am so put off; the notice right above their heads reads “SILENCE” while the one to their right reads “no discussions in reading area.” Clearly, the lights are on but no one’s home. This is further given proof by their conversation:
“Huyo dame itakuaje?”
“Hikyo kidame ata sijui ntakifanya nini?”
“Wooiye sasa mtoto wa wenyewe unamwacha hivyo!”
“I do not care, anything so long as that stupid girl is off my case.”

Okay. Now prior to this group of uncouth persons, I was not exactly having the day of my life. The shuttle that brought me to the library was crawling with these ‘mafisi’ psychos who were leering at my blessed behind and making unprintable comments as if I was unconscious. Not to mention the trouble I’d had waking up to dry taps and dry scrunched up bread. Now these? Unbelievable! A complex mixture of anger and heartbreak washed over me and my mood went from bad to horrid.

“Kwani ni kajinga aje, kwani ni first year?”

I had heard enough. That was it. My head jerked right as I gave them the meanest look I could muster.
Hello you horrible people! I am a girl in first year too, and heartbroken already!
I wished I could give them a piece of my mind. One of them eyed me daggers, and I rolled my eyes. I could bet a million dollars that their conversation shifted to me, the alleged busybody I am; but I did not give a whit. I took out my earphones to listen to some music as I started to write my notes. I was actually quivering in anger; how dare they! I slammed my pen down and my mind shifted to the poor first year kid in question.
She is probably nineteen with a pretty smile and brown eyes. She spots a blond hairdo and beautifully manicured nails. She loves to wear jeans and heels; and listen to music. She likes herself, loves life and her small circle of friends. She adores the course she is doing. However, that was before she met Mr. Uncouthville himself. She spotted him and fell down the abyss of this mediocre thing people call love. Yes, she had an instant crush. Suddenly, all else cease to matter. She looks forward to the next day, not so she can enjoy her classes or have fries for lunch, but so she can at least lay her eyes on him. It’s amazing how he affects her from miles away. The worst bit: she has noticed it, and is moving in for the kill.
He drew her out, pretending to have genuine interest in her. He took her to the university’s ‘lovers’ lane’ and started spewing lies:
“Ever since I saw you, I liked you Sonia (let me call her that pretty name), I would like to get to know you dear, to hold you every night (did you hear that!) you complement me darling, I think I love you!”
Ooooooh you good for nothing! Poor Sonia melted; she fell for it hook line and sinker. Then she allowed him to paw her! He got what he wanted; now here he is, sneering with contempt at another’s fall. She must have been crying her eyes out, poor thing, no replies to texts, and he blocked her on that dilapidated thingy of a phone he is holding.
My observation: this piece is especially for young girls starting out in campus. Especially those who haven’t got the slightest idea what the campus hunting grounds are like. Everytime that conversation plays in my head, I quiver in fear. How sincere is his claim to love you?
Darling girlfriends, do not give everything! Maybe his eyes scream sincerity, but nothing, absolutely nothing, gives him the right to that apple you hold so dear. He may want you, but Christ, how many others has he told that?
Dear girlfriend, you are a queen. You deserve nothing short of the best, to be the only one in his life. It is alright to fall in love, as awkward as it is, it is the most amazing feeling. However, act like the gem you are lest love ruins your life. Beware the Mr. Uncouthvilles around you. Give him a chance, hang out and have fun, but remember your boundaries. Be careful lest the vulgar throaty conversation shifts to one more innocent girl. This is all I can do to stop them, these horrid men.