Aboard the matatu she settles
Her face marred by a thousand freckles
Shee stares out at trees running back
At last
She has a reason to leave her rabbit hole
That horrid place she calls home
Suddenly it grips her
It seizes her like electricity seizes its victims
It shakes her, obliterates her mind
Like the rhythm in a horror poem
The matatu quivers along with her
Everyone eyes her daggers
Back at the rabbit hole
Everyone stares and whispers
Her mother weeps and whimpers
Recalling the torture, the pressure
To kill her own child

Her heart filled with horror
She stares at the mirror
The monster staring back scares her
Her eyes sting with tears
Her mind thronged by a thousand ghosts
Her body no longer her own
Shee’s aware of the tragedy
Oh, schizophrenia, what a malady.

She wills herself to be strong
Olanzapine down her throat
Soon, a river of peace delivers serenity to her tortured soul
Her heart beats nice and slow
The darling in the mirror smiles
She’s now ready to face the world

Meet Shee
She walks along the streets
You can never tell when you meet
What ails her
Embrace her
See how much she craves your care
Your true love and friendship
She is not mad, she’s unwell
She’s not bad, she’s sick
Hold her hand
You will see why Shee is so forlorn
Shee knows she’s a star
A princess with schizophrenia
With your support she will stand strong
She has always been a fighter
Love her
Like the morning glory
She will blossom at dawn
She will flourish forever.