Hi awesome people…I was a little bit under the weather so I took a little break. Anyhow I’m back, strong like Air force One that’ll be landing in no time. I’m the queen of paradox ‘refer to my previous post’…enjoy this little piece though!

A lovely dream
Ended by the Sun’s golden gleam
Avast! I sail into real life
Alas, it was no dream, its so real
Your overwhelming presence
Your virile scent
As you lie by my side
So serene, so beautiful

You caught me staring
On your glorious chest the red eye glowers
You flash you million grin
My heart swells in sweltering pride
The silkiness of your skin dumbfounds me
As we hold a visual exchange
Only we seem to exist on earth

Oh enchanter of mine
Like the vastness of space
May this terrific trance last eternal
Wherein I fear
May I seek solace
From your sweet embrace
May I seek to curve your serene face
With my fingertips
Let me appreciate this masterpiece of nature
Let me feel this epitome of infinite beauty.
Our bonds of love so fervent
These scarlet sensations so ardent
Let me wake to swim in them each morning
With each dawn
In your stare, let me moan.

Red roses
The color of love, of passion
Ah, these forbidden sensations
For these troubled times
A deep consolation
I am only human
A natural woman
Leave me never
Hold me in your arms
Let me be yours.
I love you.