If you are alone
A solitary soul on the planet
I feel your pain
I know too well the agony.

I see deep in your memory
Wounds inflicted by others’ savageness
Cuts of cruelty
You cannot even speak about it.
The sting of tears behind your eyes
You remember the many told lies
Your expression reveals it all
The wasted love
Trying to save relationships meant to perish
From there fear flourished
A false wall of stone around your heart
Don’t give up the will to fight
Let me bring that wall down

Afraid of getting mocked or hurt
You refrain from reaching out
Yet you crave a companion
Hear my voice deep within
Encouraging you to socialize
So your heart’s desire will be realized

We are only human
Prone to inflicting pain on one another
Fear not
Feel free to fall in love and forgive
Ignore the urge to run
Resist that shy feeling
With your integrity intact
Make acquaintances and pacts
From your many attempts
One special one will stand out from the rest
They will love you to the end
Only this love can soothe your soul
Joy will light up your face
For the rest of your life
You will know less strife to smile
You will definitely be happier.