Hi Awesome people…

I’m a nineteen year old kid who lives in the middle of nowhere :-)(that’s rather odd, where the hell is that!!) I live in the Pits of Niltore (Nyeri, Kenya).  It’s a lovely place, the epitome of peace and quiet; clear air where the doves coo and calm my vibrant mind and the cool breezes whip my hair.Its a place that is quite far removed from the rest of the world, but I have been blessed with the grace to be able to love it as it is. Its serenity and calm provide the excellent atmosphere for me to sit out into the sun during my vacation, commune with my ghosts and come up with the most amazing essays and poems. Ever since my tech-savvy aunties taught me what a blog was, I tried to start one and share with the world what little challenges and dilemmas I have come across my short life. Some will bring a smile to your face, others will make you ask questions about how I perceive myself. However, feel free to walk with me as I navigate through the Uncertainties of life as a student ,a daughter, weirdo and most essentially, a #FemaleHuman.


Hazelberrg 🙂